Is a CMS website right for you?

After designing and developing over 70 CMS websites in about eight years, we've seen how they might be a problem if left to inexperienced hands.

CMS (Content Management System) allows users to add, edit, and manage content on their website. That doesn't exactly mean design content, but simply to add text, images, and video clips based on a professional design and useful page layouts. The problem is that some want to "design" their pages after they've already been designed. Not a good idea. I've seen clients take perfectly good, money-making websites and alter them by patching on images, widgets, and more—with no rhyme or reason. It's heartbreaking to see an award winning site design desintigrate into a mom-and-pop-design nightmare. So, if you want to create your own pages and make them all different or "your own style", then you need to either work with your designer to tailor CMS templates to give you the flexibility you require, which is always possible, or just keep pasting things together without any underlying theme.

What are your exact needs?

Just because there is a CMS in place, it doesn't mean it can't give you flexibility in your page layouts. We can do that for you. Regardless of platform, either WordPress or Drupal, we can customize it to your exact needs. If you'd like more detail, just give us a call. Some do-it-yourselfers find it frustrating to use a CMS because they can't get it customized with standard templates and easy-to-use plug-ins that are "one-size-fits-all". It's not personal preference or trendy widgets that work well, it's smart design based on standards and experience.

We take pride in what we do and work closely with our clients to tailor their CMS site to them. We create custom back end administrative interfaces to make it simple to manage their own website—we want it to be a good experience for them—as well as their visitors.

Our clients say...

"I wanted to let you know I updated my website again yesterday. I love this... this is so easy to do, I can't believe I'm doing it. The site looks great, too. I'm getting tons of complements."
—Roy Albers, Mesko Associates, LLC