Short cuts can be costly

You get what you pay for. It applies to most situations. Remember that when looking for a designer or design company to design your next website. How long have they been in business? How many sites are in their portfolio? Do they have references? Are they TOO inexpensive? Many clients wind up coming to us after spending thousands on a website they don't like, and that doesn't work for them.

I'm no longer hesitant in singing our own praises. Why not? We are award winning website designers using the latest technology. We make them look fantastic, we make them work correctly, we make them get found in searches. We are easy to work with whether you need someone to execute your own idea or need someone to step in and take charge.

We're not the most inexpensive but we are one of the best. Fast, effective, stylish, and smart. We have developed efficiencies that allow us to move quickly. We also have 25 years experience in commercial design, advertising, and customer service. That's right, we understand that this business is about people. We're not simply locked away in a room somewhere with our heads in our computers. Our world is hardly virtual when it comes to our clients. It is true, we have some clients that have been with us for years, and we have never met them in person. They don't seem to mind.

We also have clients that come to us because we are close to them geographically and they are more comfortable being able to come and see us. We don't mind, we have a fun, modern studio that can accomodate one-on-one or group meetings.

We deliver great value for the prices that we charge. We are competitive on many levels. It is important to us that we provide what we expect from others. We stand behind every bit  of work we do and strive for excellence.

Things don't always go according to plan. The pros can adapt and adjust. Experience affords us the luxury of being cool under any circumstances.

Can't find your "web guy" or "web gal"? We hear that too often. We only wish we were the first choice. We would spend more time on our work than reasurring clients that we won't leave them hanging, we're not primadonnas, and that we're interested in their success. It is usually the website designers offering "bargains" that go missing.

Have a tight budget? Tell us what it is, we'll work within that range if possible. We'll design a package that is complete and one that you can build upon. Contact us today or send us a Request for Quote to find out more.

Our clients say...

"Dear Tim, and staff, We just want to thank you for the hands on and professional attention we received during the design and implementation of our two business websites. The sites came out beautiful and we couldn't be happier, your company is top notch! Almost immediately after the sites went live we noticed an increase in website traffic and referrals, your search engine optimization allows our sites to post high on search results for a large number of keywords. Your back end website programming not only ensures website functionality but also allows us to easily upload new photos and track where our website traffic originated from, this has proven to be a valuable asset in streamlining our advertising. We are glad we decided to upgrade our old sites and very happy we found a good company to handle the job properly."
—Joseph D'Asaro, Westchester Automated Gate & Salem Fence Co.